Why Your Website is Losing Customers

December 23, 2020

Many people build websites and believe that once they do, they’ll automatically start gaining traffic. After a while, they begin to realize that not only are they not gaining views, but the customers they once had are dwindling as well. They told you to build a website, so you did. Many experts share the same views about how to gain traffic on your website.
Here are a few reasons for losing customers and tips to reverse the problem.

Too Much Focus On Features
SEO experts deduce that Website owners pay attention to features instead of results.
They say websites should inform prospective customers about your advantages or the expected result of the services being offered instead of what the product entails. People are eager to learn about the benefits of the product or service and how it aligns with what they desire to do with it, then a list of fancy details about the product or service.

Problem Solving
Consumers care about how you can resolve the problem they have, rather than hearing how great the company is. It’s crucial to rephrase your website’s wording to show that you are a problem solver and not just a fancy talker.

Make your customers know why they should care about your product and service, and the way to do that is by letting them know you can help them relieve their stress, increase their wealth or overall well-being.

Build Your Brand/Reputation
A popular term, “Your reputations precede you, ” and that goes for businesses too. No matter how fancy a website is, if prospective customers haven’t heard about the brand, they will not be likely to buy into what you’re selling. In this case, get people you know to test your products and services or offer it free initially so people can begin leaving reviews and spreading the word.

Make Customers Like You
When your customers like you and what you offer, they will automatically come back. Update your blog often and put out information that educates them. Make the content engaging as well so they will crave more.

Attract The Right Audience and Convert Them.
Make sure that you are putting the right information out there to attract the right customers. Your blogs must attract the type of customers interested in your product or service, or conversion will be impossible.

Get conversion-friendly by optimizing your website’s structure and make sure the logo design is breathable. Crowded pages are a turn off to potential customers. Ensure your navigation button, call to action, and images are strategically positioned where the customer has to see them rather than search for them.

Improve the user experience.
Customers want to find what they’re looking for quickly. The era of waiting on pages to load died a quick death years ago.

Slow websites not only deter customers but cause search engines not to trust your website. It is, therefore, difficult for customers to even find it in search results. A small increase in a website’s ability to load can be the difference between profit and loss. A

How To Improve Over The Long Term

You must first make the website usable, then focus on aesthetics by getting a free consultation with the SEO professionals at Co/Lab. They will help you connect the words, meaning whatever you are offering on one page, make sure the words flow on the next page to avoid confusing the consumer. Co/Lab specializes in the internet, social media, and email marketing techniques to get your customers back quickly.

Finally, use simple language, track the right metrics like value and potential leads, and make sure your website is mobile-friendly, then watch your traffic build

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