Top Four Mistakes That Drive Away Potential Customers

August 17, 2018
Top Four Mistakes That Drive Away Potential Customers

If you build it, they will come – it may be a great tag line for a classic movie, but it doesn’t really apply to your brand’s website. Unfortunately, many small businesses have website design mistakes on their sites that are driving their potential customers away. If your website is not getting the results you want, you may be guilty of one of these mistakes. Take a closer look at the top four website design mistakes that may be afflicting your site and stopping your success.

1. Failing to Design for Mobile

A mobile-friendly website is a must in today’s society. In 2017, mobile users outpaced desktop users significantly, with 63% of traffic in the United States coming from mobile devices. A responsive website design company can help you transform your existing website into one that is effective at reaching mobile users.

2. Poor Branding

Every single brand out there, including your competition, is going to tell visitors “we’re the best” or “we’re the most innovative.” You must tell people what makes you unique and sets your brand apart from the competition. This means you not only have to decide this, but you have to make it clear on your website.

3. Not Enough Content

Content is critical to get people to interact with your page, but it’s even more critical to drive traffic to your page. Properly optimized content that utilizes the latest SEO tactics is the main way you will drive traffic to your website. Make the content valuable, helpful and informative, and work with a website design company to ensure that content is optimized for the search engines.

4. Slow Load Time

Internet users are impatient. If your site loads for more than a few seconds, they won’t stick around. Test your load time on desktop and mobile.

If you are guilty of one or more of these mistakes, you need the services of a website design agency Los Angeles businesses trust. Contact Resolve to schedule a free consultation to discuss your website design today.

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