Tips to Help Businesses Avoid Dealing With A Social Media Controversy

October 09, 2020

While social media continues to become more popular every year, there are some drawbacks. Every week, there seems to be a brand dealing with a serious social media crisis. Due to the increase in popularity of social media, information is rapidly spread through different channels. Some of the information shared throughout social media has caused controversy. Brands have to be more aware than ever before regarding the types of things they post on social media. Here are some tips to help your company stay ahead of the competition to help you avoid getting involved in a social media controversy.

Establish Clear Social Media Guidelines
Make sure that you have a clearly defined social media policy. Having clear guidelines on the type of things that your employees can post reduces someone’s risk of making a mistake and sending something that they shouldn’t.

Handle All Issues Promptly
Try to analyze the types of comments that people leave under your social media posts. If many people have negative comments about the same issue, address their concerns promptly. This will stop customers from developing feelings of resentment towards your brand. If your customers are not reacting positively towards a particular product or initiative, stop posting about it immediately. Continuing to post about something that doesn’t appeal to your customers makes your brand look tone-deaf.

Develop A Communication Plan
Hold a meeting with your employees to go over the steps involved in handling a social media controversy. Make sure that your employees understand the difference between handling a legit controversy and an agitated customer. Make sure that every employee has a copy of the social media guidelines. Acknowledge the issue and avoid becoming frustrated if your customers don’t respond positively initially.

Avoid Becoming Defensive
Responding to the controversy in a negative manner will only make things worse. Take some time and think about how you want to respond. Responding too quickly may signal to your customers that you are insincere. Keep your social media activity to a minimum until you have a clear idea of the statement that you would like to post. It may be more beneficial to have conversations outside of social media. The most important thing is to show your customers that you are transparent.

Make Sure That Your Social Media Accounts Are Secure
Several companies have found themselves in a social media controversy because they had bad passwords that were easy to hack. Once a hacker has gained access to a company’s password, it is very easy for them to compromise information. Do not share the passwords to your company’s social media accounts with a lot of people. That will decrease the risks of your information becoming compromised. Having full control of your social media channels allows your company to avoid potential social media controversies.

Have An Open Mind
It’s essential to engage with your customers regularly. However, it is even more critical to make sure that you have an open mind and are actively listening to your customer’s concerns. If you disagree with the complaint, keep your response short and ask them would they like to speak over the phone instead of on social media. If they refuse, try to find another alternative to address the issue instead of being pulled into a potential controversy.

Consult With Co/Lab
For more information on how your business can avoid getting involved in a social media controversy, consult with Co/Lab.

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