Why it’s Important to Make a Post for Most Holidays

June 30, 2017

Go on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram around the holidays and you’ll find nearly every brand and company making a holiday-themed post to try to capitalize on the special day. Why is that? What is it about the holidays that’s so special?

Holidays are a time of year people look forward to. They want to relax on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas, New Year, etc. Holidays have a positive mental association in their mind. A smart brand will take advantage of that association and link it to their product or service. A holiday-themed post shows that you are relevant (you create fresh, up to date content), but it also creates that positive association in your viewers’ minds. After all, if you’re as happy as they are about the holiday, you’re no longer a faceless company—you’re an individual like them who is interested in the same things.

There’s a certain emotional appeal to holiday-themed social media posts. People tend to be happier than average on holidays, and each holiday has its own emotional touchpoints. Labor Day is all about hard-working people. Earth Day is about protecting the planet. Christmas is about family. Using those emotional touchpoints in your social media post can help you to connect emotionally with your viewers.

You’ll find that using social media for holiday posts can also foster a sense of community. You can offer a holiday-themed deal to your customers, or simply ask a question to engage them. Use your post to encourage engagement and connection. Remind them what’s important for the holiday and ask them to share the things that matter most. The more interactive the post, the better.

If done right, a holiday-themed post can be highly shareable and buzzworthy. A well-crafted post has beautiful visuals related to the holiday, an emotional message, and an interesting call to action. It can be something as simple as “Tell a family member you love them on X holiday” or something more complex like “Bring attention to a social injustice on X holiday”. Anything can go viral if it has the right message, hook, and visual. A good call to action can encourage people to purchase or click on something they normally wouldn’t, especially when paired with the other components.

Don’t worry about hitting EVERY holiday in the year! Find a holiday that is “on brand” with your product or service, and focus on just that one. Create awesome, engaging, funny, and emotional content for that holiday and hit it hard. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, start using more and more holidays to drive interest in your brand.


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The day of long-winded, text-heavy articles is coming to an end; now, people want to SEE rather than read. They say that an “image is worth 1,000 words”. Thanks to Instagram, a well-crafted image can be worth a whole lot more!

Instagram is a photo-based platform that allows you to share images, GIFs, and videos, using the same hashtags that make Twitter one of the best social media platforms for visibility. It’s a platform that you should definitely be using for a number of reasons:


Anything you post to Instagram can automatically be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It’s a simple one-click platform that will allow you to spread your images far and wide.

Younger audience.

The average user on Instagram is between the age of 18 and 45, with more than 50% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 owning an Instagram account and using the app regularly. If your product or service caters to the young, trendy, and tech-savvy, you NEED to be on Instagram to find your target audience where they’re at.

Massive user base.

Facebook and Twitter still have the largest user base, but Instagram hit 600 million accounts in late 2016. That’s an enormous number of people taking advantage of the photo-based platform to share their content! It’s also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with new updates and upgrades on a regular basis.

User-friendly design.

And by this, we don’t mean you, the marketer. We’re talking the users who browse Instagram to find new and interesting content. The layout of the app makes it incredibly easy for users to get access to content from all around the world, not just within their network of friends and contacts. Anyone can access any public Instagram account, giving you a much larger platform to work from.

Better engagement.

With Facebook, you have to spend money to make your posts visible. On Instagram, everything is visible to everyone. The number of user comments is also much higher on Instagram, leading to better engagement with followers and strangers. People are also more likely to follow an account that hooks them, as well as give a “Like” to great images.

Instagram has its pros and cons as far as social media marketing platforms go, but any smart marketer will take advantage of the benefits it offers. You’ll find that Instagram can provide you a much more efficient way to reach your target audience!

Creating quality content takes A LOT of hard work! Whether you hire a copywriter or do all the work yourself, it’s still an investment to create content to post to your website, blog, or social media platforms. Even harder is creating quality content that is unique, interesting, and hits the right marketing notes without being too “pushy” or “salesy”.

Here’s one tool a lot of people don’t tap into crowdsourcing. Instead of hiring out, you can use your readers to generate content to share. Instead of using your own one-way content, user-generated content encourages a two-way discussion that helps readers to feel more engaged with your brand. That engagement is what will lead to much better customer loyalty in the long run.

To encourage your users to create content:

Offer an incentive
Establish clear guidelines that are easy to follow
Be appreciative of anyone who produces content for you
Encourage regular contributions
Give your members independence
It takes time to get that user-generated content flowing in, but once you have it, you’ll find it’s highly effective for building a community.

Best of all, the user-generated content is marketing material that will appeal to other readers in a way that you never could. Think about it: why do so many companies use testimonials on their products or services? Instead of saying “Our product is this”, they use real-life people saying, “I love this product for X reasons!” Users are more likely to take the word of fellow users than that of the manufacturers trying to sell the product. (Why else do you think product reviews are prized so highly?)

The user-generated content will do the marketing for you. After all, it will show other users that you have a community that is engaged and interacting. Every piece of user-generated content—be it fan art, memes, photo collections, articles, or social media posts—showcases your product or service, but without your needing to put your spin on it. It’s a way of subtly marketing, one that doesn’t involve you.

The more you can encourage your users to generate content, the better. You should include it in your monthly marketing plans and find ways to promote the production of this content by your users. Have a “standing offer” that provides a discount or special deal every time your users produce something of value for you. Over time, you’ll find that it can be one of the best ways to generate quality content that appeals to a broader range of people—all without your needing to spend a single cent!

When you first launched your business, before the days where everyone had Internet access and their own website, you were able to meet your financial projections and keep the lights on with little problem.

But now, most companies are online and yours should be too. Here are four reasons why your business needs a professional website now:

Potential Customers Assume Your Business Will Have a Professional Website

These days, businesses that fail to establish a presence on the Web might as well not exist, as far as busy shoppers are concerned.

You or a trusted family member might have slapped together a basic, free website that gave out your company’s name and contact information. But online shoppers are expecting a professionally designed website and will exit a poorly designed one for the next competitor listed in search results.

Expect Your Competitors to Use a Website to Gain Market Share

Your business will be at a competitive disadvantage if you have no website while local rivals have sites designed to attract the attention of more customers.

Your Business Can Now Stay Open 24/7/365

You won’t have to turn away customers at the close of business when you set up a website that allows you to market your goods and services. With a website including a catalog showcasing all that you have to offer, people can make purchases online and get answers to questions even when you and your staff are asleep at home.

A Website Makes it Easier for Satisfied Customers to Share Information About You

Including social media channels for your website will allow happy customers to share details about you with online friends, such as by “liking” you on Facebook or promoting you on Twitter.

Now that you have a better sense of how your business will benefit from a professional website, you should know that the team at Resolve has years of experience helping companies get online to differentiate themselves from the competition. For more information about our approach to website development or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Resolve today.


What’s your strategy for converting visitors to your website into paying customers? Easier said than done, right? Chances are, you have no idea what you’re doing wrong/right or how to go about turning visitors into clients.

But that’s what we’re here for! Conversion Optimization starts with a strong and effective strategy, and Resolve Internet Marketing will help you identify what potential customers are looking for, and we’ll set up a website that delivers.

Remember: online marketing is not a “one size fits all” solution. You can’t approach your marketing with the same strategy year after year, or else you risk being left behind.

Developing a successful conversion strategy is a fluid process that we take very seriously. We’ll create an initial conversion strategy, but we’ll also regularly evaluate those strategies to ensure they are as effective as possible. If you’re not getting the results you want, we’ll take it back to the drawing board and create a new strategy that gets you your results.

We’ve developed proprietary tools that enable us to determine what needs to be done to convert your visitors into customers– not just one-time customers, but loyal clients who come back over and over. We handle the implementation and tracking of these tools from beginning to end.

Our goal is simple: make sure your customers are buying your products or hiring your services. We want to make sure you receive a clear return on investment for your campaign, and our conversion optimization strategies will make that happen.

You’ve got a limited marketing budget, so don’t let it go to waste on less-than-effective promotions and ad campaigns. Our conversion specialists will make your marketing dollars count! Contact us for a consultation to see how we can help you today!


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