How to Create Your Own Personal Brand

March 06, 2017

The word “brand” is usually used to refer to a company or line of products, but it actually goes beyond that. A company’s brand is the perception people have of that company. For example, thanks to Apple’s branding efforts, we all know that Apple products are sleek, cutting edge, and innovative (even if they don’t always live up to the hype) or that Nike is the brand for athletes (even if other brands have better products).

Your personal brand is the world’s perception of who you are. Building a personal brand is the best way to influence the people around you: employers, coworkers, employees, customers, supplies, even your competitors. By creating a personal brand, you control the narrative and help people perceive you the way YOU want them to.

How can you create your own personal brand?

Find the heart and soul.

What is the most important aspect of who you are and what you do? What is the “mantra” that drives your product or service? Think about what matters most to you, and that is the heart and soul of your brand.

Appeal to emotions.

Tugging on someone’s heartstrings is the best way to get them on your side. You need to think about how you make your product/service/persona to make people feel, and how you want them to perceive you. The emotional appeal of your brand is what will set you apart.

Determine your purpose.

What is it that you are offering to people? What do you have that makes you unique from others? Why do you stand out from the crowd? This goes beyond just the skills, products, or services you have to offer, but it includes your personality, character, and passions.

Describe yourself.

How would you describe yourself? Are you an artist, a leader, a strategist, or a team player? What words can you use to endear yourself to others emotionally? Think about the things about you that appeal most to others, and use that in your creation of your personal brand. Be a “passionate creator” or a “willing assistant” or an “enthusiastic leader”.

Keep it simple.

Your personal brand should be distilled to one or two simple concepts. Don’t try to be everything to everyone, but find your niche and make it work. Narrow the scope of your brand to a simple concept that everyone can relate to. The simpler the idea of you and your brand, the more easily people will be able to relate to it.

In the end, your personal brand is how the world will perceive you. It’s best if you can control the narrative and help people to see you the RIGHT way.


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The day of long-winded, text-heavy articles is coming to an end; now, people want to SEE rather than read. They say that an “image is worth 1,000 words”. Thanks to Instagram, a well-crafted image can be worth a whole lot more!

Instagram is a photo-based platform that allows you to share images, GIFs, and videos, using the same hashtags that make Twitter one of the best social media platforms for visibility. It’s a platform that you should definitely be using for a number of reasons:


Anything you post to Instagram can automatically be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It’s a simple one-click platform that will allow you to spread your images far and wide.

Younger audience.

The average user on Instagram is between the age of 18 and 45, with more than 50% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 owning an Instagram account and using the app regularly. If your product or service caters to the young, trendy, and tech-savvy, you NEED to be on Instagram to find your target audience where they’re at.

Massive user base.

Facebook and Twitter still have the largest user base, but Instagram hit 600 million accounts in late 2016. That’s an enormous number of people taking advantage of the photo-based platform to share their content! It’s also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with new updates and upgrades on a regular basis.

User-friendly design.

And by this, we don’t mean you, the marketer. We’re talking the users who browse Instagram to find new and interesting content. The layout of the app makes it incredibly easy for users to get access to content from all around the world, not just within their network of friends and contacts. Anyone can access any public Instagram account, giving you a much larger platform to work from.

Better engagement.

With Facebook, you have to spend money to make your posts visible. On Instagram, everything is visible to everyone. The number of user comments is also much higher on Instagram, leading to better engagement with followers and strangers. People are also more likely to follow an account that hooks them, as well as give a “Like” to great images.

Instagram has its pros and cons as far as social media marketing platforms go, but any smart marketer will take advantage of the benefits it offers. You’ll find that Instagram can provide you a much more efficient way to reach your target audience!

When you first launched your business, before the days where everyone had Internet access and their own website, you were able to meet your financial projections and keep the lights on with little problem.

But now, most companies are online and yours should be too. Here are four reasons why your business needs a professional website now:

Potential Customers Assume Your Business Will Have a Professional Website

These days, businesses that fail to establish a presence on the Web might as well not exist, as far as busy shoppers are concerned.

You or a trusted family member might have slapped together a basic, free website that gave out your company’s name and contact information. But online shoppers are expecting a professionally designed website and will exit a poorly designed one for the next competitor listed in search results.

Expect Your Competitors to Use a Website to Gain Market Share

Your business will be at a competitive disadvantage if you have no website while local rivals have sites designed to attract the attention of more customers.

Your Business Can Now Stay Open 24/7/365

You won’t have to turn away customers at the close of business when you set up a website that allows you to market your goods and services. With a website including a catalog showcasing all that you have to offer, people can make purchases online and get answers to questions even when you and your staff are asleep at home.

A Website Makes it Easier for Satisfied Customers to Share Information About You

Including social media channels for your website will allow happy customers to share details about you with online friends, such as by “liking” you on Facebook or promoting you on Twitter.

Now that you have a better sense of how your business will benefit from a professional website, you should know that the team at Resolve has years of experience helping companies get online to differentiate themselves from the competition. For more information about our approach to website development or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Resolve today.

As you reflect on the successes and any obstacles that occurred with your small business during 2017, it’s useful to focus on what changes you need to make in the new year.

Just as individuals make resolutions to better their lives after the stroke of midnight on Dec 31, many owners make similar promises to improve their businesses. With that in mind, here are five New Year’s Resolutions that can help you change your business for the better in 2018.

Establish Goals and Then Measure Performance

You can’t understand whether your organization is improving or starting to fail in certain areas if you don’t first set up some concrete goals.

For example, you mandate that sales people increase the number of leads by a certain percentage. Or, you instruct your foremen to beat the previous year’s safety record (number of days without an accident) on the factory floor.

Solicit Feedback

Ask customers to give feedback, such as part of a loyalty program. Then apply their criticisms to improve how you do business with them.

Delegate Tasks as Your Team Grows

Some entrepreneurs have difficulty letting go, often to the point of micromanaging their employees. Instead, you can expand your business in 2018 by delegating as many tasks as possible to your trusted subordinates, freeing your time to focus on the big picture.

Boost Your Online Presence

Is your website truly appealing to potential customers? Conduct tests, such as split A/B testing of different versions of your company’s landing page to see which brings you more leads. Use videos to showcase your goods or services, it’s proven that customers find these more useful than having to read descriptions.

Include Social Media in Your Marketing and Customer Retention

Use social media channels to promote your business for example to announce specials. You should also be checking your social media regularly to monitor for customer questions, praise, and even complaints from customers. It is important to engage with your customers where they are trying to engage with you!

If you don’t quite know how to promote your business online or lack the time and resources has prevented you from starting to do this, you’ll want to partner with internet marketing professionals such as the team at Resolve Internet Marketing. For more information on our business consulting and search engine optimization services or to get a free, no-obligation estimate, click here or call us at 888-247-5055 today.

The social media world can be overwhelming for small businesses. And as a small business owner, you want to make sure that you are utilizing every platform to grow your business. To help you understand the advantage of social media, here are five reasons why your business should adopt a social media strategy:

1. Gain immediate feedback
Social media is the easiest way to get feedback (good or bad) and invite customers to engage.

2. Social media is easy to set up
It is a great way to expand your brand in the marketplace if you have a limited marketing budget and cannot afford to buy many online ads at this point.

3. Your customers can share your social media posts
Your audience can share your posts with their friends, turning them into brand ambassadors for your products or services.

4. Your competitors are on social media
If you don’t have a social media presence, potential customers will think you are behind the times may look for competitors who regularly post updates on their activities and products.

5. It provides measurable results
You can use analytics to see which social media posts are the most effective, so you can then improve your marketing campaign.

Staying on top of your social media channels can become a full-time job. Not only do you need to post on a regular basis, you must check out your feed to see if any customers are broadcasting complaints or praise that should be immediately addressed.

It’s best to assign more than one person in your company to monitor Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms, so there will always be someone covering your online presence if the other person is out sick or on vacation.
You don’t want to ignore social media on weekends and holidays, though, so if you don’t have employees to handle these channels 24/7/365, it would be in your best interest to outsource this work to digital marketing professionals like the team at Resolve Internet Marketing. For details on our approach to social media marketing or to set up a no-obligation free consultation, please contact us today.


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