Be Direct with Your Content Marketing

August 29, 2017

Is the content on your website too vague? While many people believe that it’s better to avoid “small talk”-style content for new visitors to your site, we’ve found that more direct content can lead to better results. If done right, you’ll find that it’s a much more effective way to get your visitors from Point A (arriving at your website) to Point B (taking action) as quickly as possible.

You’ve Got Seconds!

When a visitor arrives at your website, you have no more than 7 seconds to capture their interest. That number is usually more like 2.5 seconds, as the interest span of most web users is getting shorter thanks to high speed internet browsing. That means your content needs to tell people exactly what to expect from your website in as little time as possible.

Get to the heart of the matter quickly, with as few words and as clearly as you can, and get to the call to action. Everything from your images to your color palette to your text should hook the visitor from the moment they arrive.

Trim it Down

As the owner of a business or the proud producer of a product, you want everyone to know about the benefits of what you offer. But did you know that long-form text can be the fastest way to lose your visitors’ interest? If you want to hook them, you need to keep everything short and snappy.

Trim down your introductory content to a short list of the benefits, what the product can do, etc. Don’t try to “sell” them, but let them know what makes you the best solution to their problem. Shorter, punchy content will be more effective than a long-winded post every time!

Be Clear

Remember that you have 2.5 seconds to hook visitors. The best way to do that is to tell them everything they need to know with an image or a catchy video. But you also need to make sure it’s very clear what it is that you do.

The design of your website is far less important than the clarity of your message. If your website doesn’t tell visitors what you do at first glance, you’re losing out on valuable seconds. Make that design speak clearly!

These three elements will ensure that your website content hooks visitors from the moment they land on your page. Clear, concise, punchy, and direct content is the key to converting your visitors and random web users into customers.


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There are thousands of tools you can use to make your website more effective at converting visitors into clients– everything from online shopping carts to social media tools to landing pages to pop-ups. All of these tools can increase your conversion rate, leading to a better return on your investment in your website.

At Resolve Internet Marketing our conversion optimization experts use many tools to increase your conversion rate. We not only take advantage of the basics provided by Google Analytics, Resolve uses our proprietary process of tracking and evaluating customer behavior. We can analyze everything from how long a visitor was on your site, to where they moved their mouse, and even where they clicked. This information allows us to make necessary changes to your site that promote conversions and get your customers buying.

Our goal is to design a website that encourages your visitors to click on that “Buy Now” or “Contact” link.We use the many analytics tools available for free, as well as proprietary tools created specifically for Resolve clients. With these tools, we have everything we need to track your visitor activity and find out which elements of your website are the most/least effective. That data helps us to make changes that will increase conversion rate.

Want to find out what we can do?

Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll happily give you a demonstration of how our conversion analytics tools can work for you and your website. Once you see what we can do, you’ll know we’re your best bet to turn visitors into loyal customers!

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There is so much data available to those who know how to use it!

You can find information on:

-The number of daily visitors to your site
-The number of monthly visitors to your site
-The activity (clicking/browsing habits) of your visitors
-The number of times visitors spend on each page
-The number of times visitors spend on your website before leaving
-Where your visitors are coming from and so much more!

There are so many tools you can use to analyze your visitors’ habits and preferences, and we’re here to help you make the most of them.

Analytics is the key to achieving better conversions online. We use analytic tools to determine what your visitors are doing once they are on your site, and we monitor their activities as they browse your website. This data helps us to determine the most effective way to convert them into clients and repeat customers. We use it to monitor what’s working and, most importantly, what is not. With the analytics data we collect, we can help you to craft content, pages, and products that will have the best chance of enticing your visitors to click the “Buy” button.

We use the data received from analytics to update everything from the design to the content and down to the function of your site. We have one goal: engage the customers. We plan websites designed to get your clients to contact you to find out more about your service or click “Buy Now” on your products.Every element of your website is analyzed and created with the intention of encouraging your visitors to want to find out more and do business with you.

Contact us to find out how we can use analytics data to make your website more effective than ever!


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