Remarkable Ways You Can Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Millennials

September 05, 2017

Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are one of the most important demographics to reach, but also one of the hardest. They have the highest buying power, influence, and social reach, meaning they may be the ones to target if you want to have the biggest success with your product or service.

But how can you reach millennials? Here are a few things to remember as you plan your digital marketing strategy:

Millennials love the latest and greatest.

From the newest hype to the latest social media platforms, millennials love anything that is trending and “now”. To reach them, you need to make sure your marketing content is relevant. Evergreen content has its benefits, but the shorter attention span of millennials means they’re going to focused on current events and trends.

Nothing is hidden.

Millennials tend to be very internet-savvy, meaning they can find the best deals on ANYTHING. Your marketing campaigns have to be built for people who can out-shop anyone, so make sure that your offerings are the best if you want success. If a competitor can offer a better quality product (or better-marketed product) at a better price, you’re sunk.

Be authentic.

Nothing turns off a millennial faster than someone who tries to be “hip” or “trendy”. They’re tired of people trying to “speak their language” and would much rather hear an authentic message. To really engage with millennials, make sure that the message is on-brand. If you can tie your brand in with the current trends, even better. But if not, authenticity is everything.

Sustainability matters.

One French survey found that fully 1/3 of millennials refused to purchase a product that wasn’t eco-friendly or fair-wage, even if the product came from their favorite brand. They value sustainability, equality, and social justice highly, so make sure your offerings meet their standards.

Make it interesting.

Dry news articles and press releases will do NOTHING for a millennial, but a well-crafted, visually engaging image can move products like hotcakes. Millennials need to be engaged visually, using videos, infographics, or images that are bright, appealing, and cater to their shorter attention span.

If your goal is to reach millennials, you need to adapt your way of thinking to meet their unique mindset and perspectives. Done right, a campaign that targets millennials can be highly effective and yield amazing results!


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The term “influencer marketing” is defined as “a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole.”

Think of Michael Jordan’s partnership with Nike (Air Jordan’s), YouTube stars playing video games live on their channel, or Instagram celebrities doing tutorials of a new product. In addition to using the product, the “influencers” recommend their followers to buy or try a product.

Influencer marketing can yield seriously impressive results for the right companies, products, and services. There are three industries that can benefit greatly from influencer marketing:

Fashion and Beauty

The beauty (cosmetics, personal hygiene products, creams, lotions, and the list goes on) and fashion industries are ideal for influencer marketing. People tend to be highly influenced to wear certain brands or try certain products. If you can use an influencer to recommend your product to their followers, you have a significantly higher chance of reaching those followers than you would through any other marketing methods.

Instagram models, YouTube tutorial videos, and even discounts/sales shared from the influencers’ platforms can do more for your beauty or fashion products than the average marketing campaign.


Tech products tend to be in the higher price range, and can be a bit technical and challenging to use. Influencer-driven video tutorials and how-tos can be highly effective at convincing potential customers to take the plunge to try your tech product.

But this influencer content can also have the added benefit of providing real-life reviews. Most savvy tech shoppers will look for product reviews before buying. If they find an influencer video or how-to which includes genuine commentary on the quality of the product, they’ll be far more likely to buy. Plus, the backlinks from the high-traffic influencers’ pages can improve SEO.

Fitness and Health

The world of wellness marketing is one of the toughest to crack, which makes influencer marketing so effective. People who have a large fitness, health, and wellness-based platform have garnered followers because people believe in what they’re saying. If they endorse your product, their followers will be likely to give it a try.

Fitness and health influencers tend to have one of the most loyal followings, as they are “ambassadors” for fewer brands than the average beauty/fashion and tech influencer. They may be harder to convince, but if you can get them to work with you, they can yield better results than either of the other two industries.

It can be frustrating when you go to the trouble to set up a website for your company but then do not see any positive results, such as an increase in website visits, incoming calls and17 emails or more walk-ins.

So, why doesn’t your business appear on Google? Read on for things that you should be aware of about Web search engines today:

Your Site Should Provide Fresh Content on a Regular Basis

Google gives higher priority to websites that routinely put out fresh, relevant material. This means that you could establish a pattern of informative blog posts on your site that will show the search engine that you are providing timely and useful content, which most searchers are looking for.

Customers Need to Be Able to Easily Navigate the Website

If your website is clunky and difficult to navigate, Google will typically downgrade you when it comes to search engine results. Ease of use and fast access to information is a priority for Google. Avoid forcing large videos to load and optimize code as well as image sizes on your site so it will load as quickly as possible.

Your site should instantly load for mobile users too and not just desktop browsers, or Google will position you lower in the results.

You Must Set up a Listing With Google My Business

Search engine giant Google has created a system that makes it easier for companies to get the word out about their website. You’ll want to set up a free Google My Business listing so that Google can properly identify your online presence.

Otherwise, inconsistent information from review sites such as Yelp and random directories could make it more confusing when it comes to Google cataloging details about your company.

Running your business already takes an enormous amount of your time and attention. Chances are, you have so much on your plate already that you cannot devote your own resources to improving how well your company is doing in search engines. This is where the team at Resolve can make a difference. We invite you to connect with us today to schedule a free consultation on how to get your business up higher in Google search results.

The holidays are an important time of the year for most businesses. Not just because this is when consumers are actively looking to purchase new products and services but also because the holiday season also offers a great opportunity for your business to promote seasonal cheer and engage your target audience. Below are just three tips from our internet marketing company that will help your business use social media more effectively this holiday season:

1. Schedule holiday social media posts.

As an online marketing agency, we know how busy things can get during the holiday season. To take some of that stress away from your team, you can schedule your holiday social media posts ahead of time. Rather than asking someone to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas, during Hanukkah, or on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you can use a scheduler to make sure that your content goes out on time.

2. Get user-generated content.

Another way that your business can take advantage of the holiday spirit is by asking your customers to create and submit content. This not only provides you with fresh content for your social media pages, but it also allows you to engage your customers and show leads how your products can be used. For instance, if your company sells baked goods, you might ask customers to submit photos of your goods at their holiday events.

3. Create holiday-themed content.

Another internet marketing company tip for holiday social media marketing is to create content that is holiday-themed. Whether you develop a promotional video featuring Santa or write blog posts with holiday-centric names and images, there are a variety of ways that you can incorporate the holiday spirit into your social media content.

Do you need help with your social media marketing this holiday season? Resolve is an online marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions that help you reach and engage your target customers. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Do you know what the most effective marketing method is? No, it’s not social media, and it’s definitely not taking out an ad in the local paper or radio station. The #1 most effective method of marketing is via email.

You’ve worked hard to get new customers, now it’s time to keep them coming back!

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep customers coming back over and over again. It targets people in their email inbox, delivering customized content that they are interested in seeing. Building a large email marketing list is the key to reaching the widest range of people as possible.

But instead of a mass-marketing approach (with less quantifiable results), email marketing is laser-focused on your target audience. By signing up for your email list, customers indicate that they are interested in what you are offering. It’s the perfect way to ensure that your promotions and marketing campaigns are reaching the right people– the ones who will take action.

Our team of designers and writers work together to create effective email marketing campaigns:

-Special promotions to let your customers know of a discount or deal

-A monthly newsletter to keep your followers abreast of important news
-Survey your clients to find out what you’re doing right or how you can do better!

Whatever you need, we can handle it. Our consultants will work with you to create the strategy most likely to yield results, and then our team will get to work! We also use in-depth analytics to find out how effective your email marketing campaign is, ensuring the best use of your marketing list.

Contact us to find out how email marketing can help you grow your sales!


Marketing your business across all platforms (PC, Apple, Android, etc.) is the best way to reach as wide an audience as possible, but how do you plan to deliver a customized service or product exclusive to your customers? With a mobile app, you’ll have everything right at your fingertips.

Mobile Apps!
Mobile Apps have quickly become one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. Imagine being able to send out a message or special offer to all your customers with just a few clicks. Or setting up a geofence that automatically sends your customers a special deal when they are in your area! Or giving your preferred clients special discounts ONLY available via your mobile app?

There are so many things you can do with mobile apps, and you’ll find that they can be the perfect way to take your business one step farther. Not only will it help you establish better interaction with your customers, but it can help you provide more value and encourage your customers to spread the word of your business.

But for that to happen, you have to build the app first. More specifically, WE have to build the app!

Our Team!
Our mobile app team specializing in creating amazing mobile apps for both Apple and Android markets, and our marketing team is right there to help you come up with effective strategies for gaining and keeping your mobile app users engaged. We’ll work with you to build the app from the ground floor, and we won’t stop working on it until we’re 100% certain it’s right and delivers what you want.

Want to find out more? Contact us for a free mobile app consultation.

A well-designed website will not only be more user-friendly to your customers but will make it easier for you to run your online business as well!

The complexity of your website and web-tools depends on just how much functionality you need. For example, a website for an attorney-at-law may not require anywhere near as many tools as an online store. The more functions you need your website to perform, the more tools you will need.

Resolve Internet Marketing

We specialize in web development, creating the tools you need to get the job done. We can help you set up a website that is not only beautiful but which is fully automated to handle any task or deliver any product. Our web development service will deliver an optimally-functioning website that essentially “runs itself”, leaving you free to focus on the other important tasks of your online business.

We’re proficient in all coding languages, and we’ll help to develop a platform that incorporates all of the elements, tools, and functions you need to run your website and online business. We’ll streamline and automate as many tasks as possible, so all you have to do is input your data and let our tools do the work for you. We don’t just focus on attracting customers, but we ensure that your and their experience is as seamless and consistent as possible.

Tell us what you need, and we’re happy to deliver! Or, come in for a consultation, and sit down with our web development team to discuss your desires. We’re more than happy to help you create the websites and online business platform that suits your needs.

Contact us today for a free analysis and consultation for your web development project.

Does your business cater specifically to mobile device/smartphone users? With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, you’ll find that it’s a much broader audience than it was a few years ago. With a website optimized for mobile devices, you stand a much better chance of reaching your target audience.

A mobile website is different from a regular website with a responsive design. It’s not just a “smaller version” of a regular website, but it’s a site scaled to your mobile screen size and designed with mobile users in mind.

Here are a few elements of a mobile website design:

• GPS features compatible with Google Maps and other map apps for easy location-finding
• Click-to- call features for instant communication
• Mobile-friendly layout and navigation with large, legible text and buttons
• One-touch contact information to make it easy for mobile users to add you as a new contact
• Streamlined design for fast, easy loading over mobile/cellular networks

With the increasing number of mobile device/smartphone users, the patience for “wait time” is shrinking at the same time. People will often abandon a website that isn’t optimized for smooth, fast loading on a mobile device. A responsive web design is important, but why not take it a step further?

We’ll develop a website that isn’t just compatible with mobile devices, but designed for use with tablets and smartphones. We’ll identify the most important elements of your website and put together a design that includes all those elements in an easy-to- find layout. We offer fully branded, user-friendly mobile websites compatible with any and all smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, with all the functions you need to grow your business.

With our help, you’ll stand out from your competition and make the most of mobile technology!

Email is still one of the most cost-effective internet marketing tools as of today. However, despite the ease and convenience of email, many businesses do not take advantage of this crucial channel. Read on for three easy ways that e-mail marketing can bring more traffic your way and boost your business as you set yourself apart from the competition:

1. It’s easy to target demographics with different versions of your message. For example, you can send one version of your email to women over 40 and another version to men in their 20s based on details from your customer relationship management application or CRM.

2. You can personalize emails, addressing each person by their name. Depending on the amount of details that you maintain on customers in your CRM, you could even refer to the last item a person purchased.

3. Following up on abandoned shopping carts is quick and convenient. You can automatically send a message to a customer who put items in a shopping cart but then closed the browser before clicking the “buy” button. Let them know the item they were interested in is still available (or is now on sale, etc.)

Now that you have a better understanding of the power of e-mail and how it can make such a powerful impact on your bottom line, it’s time to devise an effective e-mail marketing campaign. Typically, you will establish a series of escalating messages that are designed to convert interested individuals into happy, loyal customers. But if you lack the resources and time to handle e-mail marketing yourself, the team at Resolve Internet Marketing is standing by to help. To learn more about email marketing tactics or to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation, connect with us today.


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