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SEO is the key to putting your business on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Higher page rankings will get you more website visitors that turn into customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

3 Main Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO


Your customers are searching.

97% of consumers search for products and services online. If your potential customers cannot find you online, you are missing out on an opportunity to connect with your target audience and generate more sales.  

Your competitors are doing it.

If your website’s search engine rankings are not improving, you are losing ground to a competitor who is. Don’t let your competitors outrank you by ignoring what SEO can do for your business.  

It delivers ROI.

Users who are actively searching have the intention to buy and 79% of those users regularly click on organic search results. SEO leads have about a 15% close rate while outbound leads have about 2%.  
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Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

This is the most important element of SEO. Websites that rank highly on search engines always have the right keyword strategy.

Local SEO

46% of Google searches are local. Your potential customers are turning to the internet to find nearby businesses like you.

Website Optimization

For SEO to be effective, your website must be in-sync with your strategy and content should reflect your target keywords.

Reports & Analytics

If you can measure it, you can improve it. In SEO, analytics is critical to help fuel a more effective SEO strategy.
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your business found on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing using terms and phrases that are relevant for your business.

This is simple – we are In a digital era. The Traditional forms of finding a business, like in the Yellow Pages and personal referrals, are being replaced by online services and directories. If your business is not on the internet, You are losing potential customers everyday.

Take this simple test to see how you rank. Go to, type in your industry and your city. For example, if you are a contractor located in Los Angeles, type in “Contractor in Los Angeles” and click search. If you don’t see your website or business on the first page, it’s time to call us!

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