Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency vs An In-House Team

June 21, 2019
Brand Marketing

Harnessing the potential of super-effective digital marketing techniques to boost your business is in indeed, the talk of the town. The million-dollar question still remains, “Should I hire a digital marketing agency or go for an in-house team?” Owing to the dynamic business landscape, the decision to determine how you want to market your brand online is quite challenging. Well, there’s one thing for sure, by the time you are done reading this blog, the answer will be right there in front of you!


Without any further ado, let’s discuss different aspects to answer the question!

Rapid Performance Delivery

Once you hire a digital marketing agency, you start getting results right from day one. The primary reason being the fact that agencies have a versatile portfolio in managing hundreds of clients having contrasting business goals and backgrounds. You don’t have to worry about conducting training sessions since you’ll have the industry experts at your disposal. Why get yourself into a full-on hiring hassle, shortlisting CVs and arranging interviews when you can save a lot of your time by hiring an agency?


Clear Vision for Your Brand

The marketing agencies will always present a new idea and a novel approach. Their perspective ignites your own thought process along the way and eventually, you come up with several hybrid marketing campaigns which result in grabbing positive feedback from the audience. On the other hand, an in-house team can only bring what you are already anticipating, to the table. This can be attributed to their dead-slow learning curve. We bet you don’t want to take a chance on that!


Ease of Scalability

While having an in-house marketing team, the only logical step you can take to increase the output is to hire more employees. Not every company has the room to accommodate the newcomers both financially and spaciously. However, a digital marketing agency is already equipped with enough arsenal of workers thus rendering satisfaction to you if you want to try a bigger and a bolder marketing strategy. Besides, an agency has well-trained experts at hand who can help you scale at an incredibly faster rate.


Access to Latest Marketing & Branding Tools

Technologically advanced marketing tools and software guarantee performance, efficiency, and productivity. Due to budget constraints and lack of expertise, the in-house teams mostly rely on the results they get from free tools available online. But, if you hire a digital marketing firm, you’ll enjoy access to premium marketing tools, services and analytical data reports without paying a penny. How awesome does that sound? If you have a large enough organization, investing in an in-house team can be great but if you don’t, you are probably making a really bad move!


Agencies are Result-Oriented

Motivated by the success stories, the marketing agencies are driven by results. Such organizations employ thousands of dollars worth of software for research purposes and to find out what actually works and what’s only a hoax. Besides, digital marketing agencies are actively involved in tracking results, following trends, analyzing graphical data and all of it just to ensure that their clients are generating profits. On the contrary, an in-house team has no standards to compete against. They lack the insight to view things holistically because they are working on a strategy on hit and trial basis.


Final Word

By now, we believe you have a clear answer in your head and that is, “I am definitely going to hire a digital marketing agency”. And it’s the right choice because hiring an agency is not only cost-effective, it also relieves you from the extra responsibilities which you have to assume when you are dealing with an in-house marketing team. What are you waiting for? Get yourself geared up and start finding the agency which you think can best serve your business.

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