Quick guide to attracting your local audience!

February 22, 2018

The internet gives you the ability to reach people around the world, but what about the people in your own neighborhood, city, or state? How are you focusing your efforts on reaching the specific audience who would benefit from your localized services? For businesses looking to attract new customers in your area, local search optimization is crucial. Google and other search engines use to ensure only the most relevant search results are delivered. If you want to reach the people in a specific area, you need to make sure you are optimized for local search.

 What does “local search” mean?

Well, let’s say you’re looking for a plumber to come to your home and fix your sink. Instead of searching “plumbing services” (a very broad term), you will search “plumbing services in (your city)”. This specific localized search will deliver the most relevant results– i.e., a plumber in your city.

For brick-and-mortar retailers and services located exclusively in one area, city, or state, local search optimization is incredibly important. Your website needs to be optimized so anyone who does a search for your service or product in your area is sent directly to your page. That is the key to driving more customers to your website.

We’ll take your SEO a step further and optimize it for local search results. By adding the right keyword, we’ll ensure that your website is as visible in your area as possible. People who do a search for what you have to offer will find you as highly ranked on the Google search results list as possible.

Drop us an email at or call us at 1(800)340-3671 to find out more about this important service. With our help, you can increase your local clientele significantly!


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