New Year, New Website

January 25, 2021
New Year, New Website

One of the best ways for your business to celebrate the year 2021 involves little expense and lets you share information with all of your clients and potential customers. Your business needs a new website or to significantly revamp your existing one.

Co/Lab can help with a free consultation for businesses. We specialize in internet marketing: social media marketing, SEO, website, email marketing, paid ads, etc. So, what must-haves top the list for 2021 business websites?

  • Establish a website if you do not already have one. A website helps you market your business. You can share information, obtain customer feedback, increase sales.
  • Include income-generating mechanisms such as a blog, a forum, a reviews applet.
  • Set up a web store. You need to provide online shopping. For this, you need an integrating shopping cart and a merchant account.
  • Social media and business review pages on Yelp, Google Business, etc., to help you capture visitors and direct them to your website. Cookies set up on your website tell you where they came from and what pages they visited.
  • Provide free and low-cost downloads to hook visitors and help them, too.
  • Add a blog and post it frequently with edutainment blogs that solve your readers’ problems and set up as an expert.
  • Add affiliate programs within your industry to capitalize on linkages and increase your income.
  • Update your about page with new headshots.
  • Update the website’s design and graphics. Using a new theme can allow you to update in about five minutes, and it can be fun to pick one out.
  • Double-check your contact page to ensure the form works and the contact information still stands. Update anything incorrect. Add any new social media accounts.
  • Create an opt-in mailing list with a gift. You might offer an e-book, wallpaper, whitepaper, etc. You obtain the individual’s email, mailing address, telephone, permission to contact them in a reasonable, occasional manner.
  • Review your services page and update as needed. Now is a great time to consider the packages you offer and which earns the most sales. Consider why. How could you reduce them or restructure them to serve the clients better and increase your sales?
  • Create a portfolio page or update your existing one. Add a reviews or testimonials page.
  • Review the plugins or themes you use. Make sure each still works properly and have the best choice to serve your website visitors’ needs.

Certainly, the list runs long. Doing business online increased in importance in 2020, remarkably, though. Today, it is imperative that you have a website that includes necessary bells and whistles like chatbots, video, e-commerce, social media integration, etc. It looks as if 2021 will begin with an extension of the worldwide stay at home orders. That means people will still need to do most of their business online.

You might say that you own a service-based business, but you still have many facets of web updates necessary. You need to show how reachable you are by adding your Zoom information, Skype contact information, etc. Your website should reflect that you still provide consultations, but via Zoom or another video app.

Updating your website to meet 2021 needs can mean your business flourishing when others fail. Contact Co/Lab today to get started with your website update or create your business website. Our free consultation can help spot potential problems with your existing site. Our talented designers and developers can create a new website for your business that helps you reach customers and increase sales. Call us today.

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