New Year, New Website: Six Reasons Your Website Needs An Upgrade

January 19, 2018
New Year, New Website: Six Reasons Your Website Needs An Upgrade

A website is not something you can build and then forget about. Like your marketing plan, your business website needs constant updating. With the new year, it’s time to think about a new website design. Here are some of the reasons why you might need a new website.

1. Your Photos Are Weak

The consumer in 2018 is looking for visual input. If your images are low resolution or are completely pulled from stock photo sites, it’s not going to impress. Make sure that the images on your website are in line with what you want your brand to promote.

2. It’s Not Mobile Friendly

Did you know that by the end of 2018, the average adult will be spending over 3 hours on mobile media? That means that a site that’s not optimized for mobile is losing a huge potential reach. Make your site mobile friendly as quickly as possible.

3. You Have No Social Links

Today’s consumer is using social media to make buying decisions. Your website should link to your social media pages to make that decision easier for your customer. If you don’t have social media, get started with it, then add the links to your website so people can find you.

4. Your Content Is Weak and Irrelevant

Content is still critical, and your content needs to properly brand your company while also working with your SEO goals. Make sure the content is up-to-date, relevant, and engaging.

5. Your Website is Not Visually Appealing

According to a Harvard study in 2013, websites that are perceived as great looking are also perceived as trustworthy and usable. Today’s consumer will click away from your site in a heartbeat if they don’t like what they see. In most cases, your website is your customer’s first impression of your company and your products and services. As a matter of fact, website design is one of the decisive factors that drive user engagement.

6. Your Website is Not Generating Leads

Websites are meant to get your business new prospects, not just sit there and look pretty. Your website should be generating leads for you. If it’s not, then it’s time to get a new website.

Do you have any of these problems on your site? If you do, then 2018 is the year you need a new one. Take the time to update your site, or rebuild it form the ground up, and make your digital presence strong and effective.

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