Is Your Email Marketing Relevant? Here’s How to Start Making it Relevant

April 20, 2018
Is Your Email Marketing Relevant? Here’s How to Start Making it Relevant

Sometimes, the best digital marketing solutions are easy to get. Resolve Internet Marketing is an online company based in Los Angeles, CA. Our full-service agency delivers compelling, long-lasting digital marketing solutions. If you need personal, passionate and custom-tailored digital marketing assistance, we’re the internet marketing company for you. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation!

Now, we’re here to help out your email marketing game. If you’re not relevant enough, email-wise, that’s okay. Let us show you the ropes!

Adding Value

If your emails have value, they’ll be read. So, what defines value? Value can be a discount. It can also be the industry’s best products. Value can also be information. Everyone has a different perception of value. What does your audience take to heart?

It’s Time to Promote

Once you’ve determined what your audience values, it’ll be time to promote. Promotional emails give customers a reason to shop. They also offer custom-tailored value options to your brand’s biggest buyers.

Get Personalized

One of the reasons Resolve Internet Marketing does so well is because we personalize the reader’s message. Did you know personalized email marketing campaigns have a 75 percent higher open rate? Today’s consumers don’t stick around for irrelevant emails. Instead, they hang out with companies who give them personal messages.

Update Your Email List Often

It’s a good idea to send your subscribers relevant emails often. It’s also important to let them opt out, if they don’t want ongoing deals, newsletters and notifications. Be clear about who the emails are coming from, and prune your mailing lists frequently. Who’s opening the messages? Who’s clicking the links?

Between re-engagement campaigns and ongoing deals, you have a lot to work with. Contact Resolve Internet Marketing today for more information, and let us become your email marketing partner!

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