How to Market to Generation Z

February 07, 2020
How to Market to Generation Z

Just when we stopped worrying about the millennial generation, a new wave of a generation known as Generation Z comes with a bang to our focus. Generation Z – people who are born in between 1995-2010, a generation of the authentic digital age, whose life solely depends on the technological advancements and new ways of living. They have entirely new ways of thinking and utilizing digital technology that is beyond our imagination that has forced the organizations to embrace this innovation and create products that match up to the mark of requisite of the Generation Z.

The success of a brand depends upon how much they can adapt change and improvise their products and honestly, you cannot manipulate Generation Z with the same marketing tactics that companies have been carrying out for ages. Companies must consider the standards and ideas of this younger generation because their criteria are much more stringent than Millennial or Baby Boomers. Things need to change to appeal to this generation. We have summed up some of the innovative market tactics to help you market your brand and influence Generation Z.

1- Give them Experience

Those who fall under Generation Z aren’t all about how amazing the product but rather than they are more interested to know its benefits. They need a little something more; they want to see what kind of experience they will have after using that product. H&M, leading clothing brand that has been successfully running its business all around the globe and they are selling online too. However, they are not depicting their clothes but also displaying through their photo-shoots what the product will offer you and how cool or classy it will look.

2- Videos are the Key to Mind

A video with excellent and influencing content can create a significant impact on someone’s mind. This is exactly what you need to do for Gen Z because YouTube is their ultimate stop for almost everything for example if they are looking for a product review or they want to learn something new or even watch travel vlogs to plan their next trip. An enormous population of Gen Z uses this platform to grow their knowledge or to improve their skills. Yet, most people use video platforms as a break from everyday life, so eventually, there is no stop to the power of videos.

3- The ‘Influencers’

Instagram these days is not just about sharing random photos and stories with your friends or socializing; it is now much more than that. According to recent surveys, companies would spend more than 1.8 billion on Influencers on Instagram to market their products in more efficient ways. These sponsored posts could cost up to $70,000, which includes world top celebrities, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande or even the Kardashians.

4- Protecting their Privacy

While we may think the new generation is stupid and juvenile, however, they are much smarter than any of the past generations. They know that there is nothing more important to them than their privacy, and according to a recent study by IBM, most of the generation is not comfortable with sharing private data and personal information online. The brand should ensure and protect the privacy of its customers because providing a secure platform to your customer is an essence to a great company.

Generation Z is playing a vital part in the purchase decision, and all they need is more innovative products and things that match their perspectives. Companies may succeed in manufacturing these products but what is important is how to market these products to them. These and more enhanced tactics would help companies reevaluate their marketing strategies to include relevant approaches.

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