How a responsive web design can increase your traffic and conversion!

February 22, 2018


There are thousands of tools you can use to make your website more effective at converting visitors into clients– everything from online shopping carts to social media tools to landing pages to pop-ups. All of these tools can increase your conversion rate, leading to a better return on your investment in your website.

At Resolve Internet Marketing our conversion optimization experts use many tools to increase your conversion rate. We not only take advantage of the basics provided by Google Analytics, Resolve uses our proprietary process of tracking and evaluating customer behavior. We can analyze everything from how long a visitor was on your site, to where they moved their mouse, and even where they clicked. This information allows us to make necessary changes to your site that promote conversions and get your customers buying.

Our goal is to design a website that encourages your visitors to click on that “Buy Now” or “Contact” link.We use the many analytics tools available for free, as well as proprietary tools created specifically for Resolve clients. With these tools, we have everything we need to track your visitor activity and find out which elements of your website are the most/least effective. That data helps us to make changes that will increase conversion rate.

Want to find out what we can do?

Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll happily give you a demonstration of how our conversion analytics tools can work for you and your website. Once you see what we can do, you’ll know we’re your best bet to turn visitors into loyal customers!


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