Five Social Media Trends Dominating 2018

March 23, 2018
Five Social Media Trends Dominating 2018

Social media has changed, and so have customer engagement strategies. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have become digital marketing cornerstones. Now, industry leaders are taking note of leading social media marketing trends to find, connect with and influence consumers. The trends below have gained a lot of steam, and they’ll likely continue driving 2018’s marketing world.

Trend One: Video Content

Leading marketers are engaging target audiences via video. Video-centric social media marketing strategies need to be aligned with a brand’s image. However, they also need to connect with users. Create videos your audience can connect with, focusing on the use of your product—rather than the product itself.

Trend Two: User-Generated Content

Brands are also leveraging user-generated content to engage followers. Ask your followers to submit pictures using your product. Feature the best submissions on your page. By incentivizing user-generated content with public acknowledgement—or even branded deals—you can reach new followers while analyzing engagement.

Trend Three: Live Content

We’ve seen a lot of live content in 2018. Product marketers are using Facebook Live to conduct product demonstrations. Meanwhile, other brands are broadcasting to followers in real-time, showing off their products and services.

Trend Four: Messaging

Internet users have increased their usage across various channels. Now, they’re prioritizing messaging apps. Communication channels like Facebook Messenger are fertile grounds for innovative outreach strategies. They’re also checked more often than Facebook notifications.

Trend Five: Live Stories

Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories are becoming incredibly popular social media marketing tools. A lot of business account followers don’t take the time to sift through the brand’s feed. They will, however, take a few seconds to check out new stories. Cross-promote newly posted content in these stories. Create exclusive offers only accessible through your live content.

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