Five New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Small Business in 2018

January 05, 2018

As you reflect on the successes and any obstacles that occurred with your small business during 2017, it’s useful to focus on what changes you need to make in the new year.

Just as individuals make resolutions to better their lives after the stroke of midnight on Dec 31, many owners make similar promises to improve their businesses. With that in mind, here are five New Year’s Resolutions that can help you change your business for the better in 2018.

Establish Goals and Then Measure Performance

You can’t understand whether your organization is improving or starting to fail in certain areas if you don’t first set up some concrete goals.

For example, you mandate that sales people increase the number of leads by a certain percentage. Or, you instruct your foremen to beat the previous year’s safety record (number of days without an accident) on the factory floor.

Solicit Feedback

Ask customers to give feedback, such as part of a loyalty program. Then apply their criticisms to improve how you do business with them.

Delegate Tasks as Your Team Grows

Some entrepreneurs have difficulty letting go, often to the point of micromanaging their employees. Instead, you can expand your business in 2018 by delegating as many tasks as possible to your trusted subordinates, freeing your time to focus on the big picture.

Boost Your Online Presence

Is your website truly appealing to potential customers? Conduct tests, such as split A/B testing of different versions of your company’s landing page to see which brings you more leads. Use videos to showcase your goods or services, it’s proven that customers find these more useful than having to read descriptions.

Include Social Media in Your Marketing and Customer Retention

Use social media channels to promote your business for example to announce specials. You should also be checking your social media regularly to monitor for customer questions, praise, and even complaints from customers. It is important to engage with your customers where they are trying to engage with you!

If you don’t quite know how to promote your business online or lack the time and resources has prevented you from starting to do this, you’ll want to partner with internet marketing professionals such as the team at Resolve Internet Marketing. For more information on our business consulting and search engine optimization services or to get a free, no-obligation estimate, click here or call us at 888-247-5055 today.


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