Find out Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing Up!

July 19, 2021

Google Ads is one of the main ways businesses make money. This tool allows new and small businesses to gain awareness, allowing established businesses to remain competitive.

It is critical to ensure your business is using Google Ads effectively and efficiently. Otherwise, your ads may not be shown to your target audience. Below are a few of the top reasons why your Google Ads may not be showing:

A Paused Campaign
Sometimes, you may not see your Google ad because your ad campaign is paused. To check whether your campaign is paused, you must do the following: First, go to ‘Change History’ in your account. Once you’re on there, you can see your account changes. Then, you must choose ‘status’ to find out whether your ad was removed or just paused.

Low or No Search Volume
If Google discovers that you have a targeted ad with a low-volume keyword, you will have a temporarily inactive ad in your account. Google will automatically reactivate the keyword once the search volume is at a reasonable level. You also can use Google’s keyword planner or your own keyword tool to increase your search volume.

An Unapproved Ad
Since talking about disapproved Google ads, the following includes reasons for Disapproved Google Ads:

  • Errors in grammar or spelling
  • Capitalization issues
  • Symbols and punctuation
  • Gimmicky copy
  • “Click Here”
  • Mismatching of the destination
  • Non-standard spacing
  • Trademark or copyright infringement
  • Alternate CTAs
  • Repetition
  • Inappropriate content
  • Issues with post-click landing page
  • Content misrepresentation

If your ad is disapproved, you just have to see the error you made. Then you can write a properly formatted ad.

A Very Low CTR
CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is the rate showing the impressions of the ads that turn into clicks. So, a high CTR indicates how well your users are resonating with your message. The opposite is true with a low CTR of your ad.

So, to increase your chances of having a high CTR, you must consider certain things. For one, you must identify the users triggering that keyword. Then, define the pain point or specific problem you need to address. That way, you can address your prospects’ unique needs, which can lead to a high CTR.

Not Focusing on the Ad Group
Since ads and keywords are the two components of Google Ads accounts, you must choose a relative keyword in which Google will know which ad to select.

A Not-High Enough Quality Score
When it comes to determining rank during the ad auction, the quality score is not used; however, the quality score is indicative of your ad’s performance during the auction.
A low-quality score indicates a low expected CTR, poor post-clicking landing page/relevance, or poor ad relevance/quality. So, review how your ads, keywords, and the landing page are relating to each other. Then, you can consider how to optimize accordingly to improve the users’ experience and increase relevance.

The following are other reasons why ads do not show which are more self-explanatory even when it comes to correcting them:

  • Not Enough Bidding
  • Daily Budget Exceeded
  • A Very Restricted Ad Schedule
  • An Irrelevant Post-click Page
  • Unintentional Negative Keyword Bidding
  • You Didn’t Set Up the Device bidding, i.e., for iPhone, Android, Laptop.
  • Very Narrow Targeting
  • Targeting An Incorrect Location
  • Blocking Your IP address

Google Ads are amazing for business awareness and business growth. However, you must ensure that your Google Ads accounts are properly set up to ensure success.

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