Email Marketing – 6 Crucial Do’s & Don’ts

August 27, 2021

Email marketing is one of the best ways to nurture your audience, generate sales, and get new customers for your business. Litmus’ State of Email Report said email marketing campaigns delivered an ROI (Return on Investment) of $36 for every $1 spent in 2020. It is a simple, rewarding, and affordable marketing method that any business can use for any industry. To ensure your email marketing campaign is successful, here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider.

DO have intriguing subject lines for your emails.

Email subject lines are the “headlines” of your inbox, and if they do not cause interest or curiosity, no one will ever click on your email. Make sure your subject lines are short, honest, and personalized with the reader’s name if possible. Over time, you can do testing and analytics to define which words, format, and style of subject line work best for your audience.

DO remember to add a call to action.

Even if you have an engaging and valuable email, not adding a call-to-action will lower your chances of hitting your business goals. Your call-to-action should depend on your offer as well as the goals of your email campaign as a whole. Increase the odds of people taking your call-to-action by using a branded email address. This will add an extra layer of trust and will establish a better long-term relationship.

DO make the body of your emails straightforward.

The body of your email should be as short as possible while still getting your point across. Always start with a hook to draw your audience into your email and secure interest throughout the email. Keep your reader engaged throughout the email by writing like you’re speaking to a human, using GIFs and memes, providing value, responding to non-opens, and establishing your relevance. Make sure to double-check how your emails look on different email platforms and devices also. This will ensure your formatting, branding, and messaging stay consistent.

DON’T do an overly promotional campaign.

Even if the goal for your email marketing is sales, you still have to make the reader feel comfortable. Readers want to gain insight into their industry, be entertained, and address their concerns. Your offer is a part of the process, but it is not their end goal. With this in mind, don’t make each email a cold sales pitch. Also, make sure your emails don’t rely on spammy language like “free,” “sale,” or “cash,” so you don’t trigger the spam filter. If you make this mistake, your readers might not get to read your messages at all.

DON’T bombard your list.

You have to establish a schedule for emailing your list that keeps them engaged but not overwhelmed. Sending too many emails can turn people off to your offer and eventually get your emails sent to the spam folder. Sending a follow-up email three days after the first one is a good starting point, but do testing to find what schedule your audience responds to best.

DON’T purchase an email list.

This may seem like an easy route, but it usually ends in disaster. Since there is no guarantee the audience is interested in your company or offer, they are less likely to engage, might mark your emails as spam, or unsubscribe. If that happens too many times, it will lower the reputation of your company and decrease your chances of landing clients.
Email Marketing has the potential to nurture your audience, get more sales, and increase your business’s reputation while saving you money. It is simple to do, but without clear goals and methods, it will waste your time. Use the list above as your framework for email marketing that takes your business to the next level.

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