Does Your Website Have These 5 Elements?

May 08, 2020

A functional working website is a business essential nowadays. It is practically impossible for any organization or brand to survive in today’s day and age without a strong online presence. However, it is not enough to just have a website listed on the internet without focusing on the content.

A website should be functional, high-quality, and informative. It should be able to deliver what it enlists and provide the users with a luxurious experience. Therefore, it is essential to work on the website and hire someone who can look after the development.

There are five crucial elements, which can either make or break a website. These elements enable you to provide your users with fantastic user experience and an overall smooth transition.

Design of the Website

Today, the visual aspect is the key factor in a website. Your website must represent you as a brand and also resonate with your audience.

The first thing that your users notice when they open your website is the design. A good commanding design can attain a customer in less than five seconds. However, a poorly designed website with bunched up text and intermingled columns present a lousy look for users.

A good website should have a gripping yet non-compact design, one which can attract the correct user audience and keep their attention for longer.

Furthermore, a poorly designed website will create a hurdle in user-friendliness.


People are 24 by 7 on their phones nowadays. This means that a single website can be viewed on multiple different screen dimensions throughout the day.

This is why cross-browser compatibility is one of the most vital elements of any website today. This mainly goes for websites, which are selling centric. If you want to generate leads, you must provide the utmost level of usability.


Usability is one of the most under-determined features of any website. Why is this so? This is because no one ever commends a business on good usability, but they would almost always notice bad usability. Honestly, no one can blame them either; bad usability stands out almost instantly.

The user should be able to navigate through the website without any issue and find their way around easily. That means the site needs to be intuitive, accessible, compatible, and easy to navigate.

They should also be able to access each page from the landing page so that they can get an overview of sorts from the main page. Try to look at your website from an on-lookers point of view, it will help you fulfill their needs and requirements.

Call to action

This one is the most important if you have an e-commerce website. The call to action is one of the essential things on the site. You can have an interactive website, with all the right products listed, but you cannot do anything with CTA buttons.

It would help if you made it clear to the users where everything is and how they can access everything. CTA is the way to do it. You can convert visitors into leads by telling them what to do and how to do it.

However, try to be discrete while doing it. Do it generically like asking people to sign up or get free goodies on their orders?


Content is key. There is nothing significant on the internet without useful and relevant content. It plays a crucial role in SEO and also is one of the most effective ways to divert traffic to your website.

Focus on developing high quality and optimized content for your website before you go live with it.

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