Digital Marketing Trends In 2022_ Expectations and Predictions

December 28, 2021

As we close out the year, we need to look forward to 2022 and plan for the upcoming marketing year. As always, the closing year brings important changes that will impact your business’s coming year if you don’t integrate alterations to your marketing plan now.

Integrated Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing and print marketing have required multiple agencies, but in the last few years, clients turned to all-in-one marketing agencies. In 2022, clients will move to agencies that handle advertising, social media, content creation, and much more. These integrated agencies provide a single point of contact that handles all of the client’s marketing needs. CO/LAB is your one-stop-shop for all marketing.

Single Marketing Software

In addition to switching to a single marketing agency, the marketing clients will switch to a single marketing software that lets them handle things from a single platform. They’re clamoring for a way to simplify things since, currently, the typical enterprise uses 91 marketing cloud services.

Content Continues to Rule

Content has been king for many decades online, but in 2022 we’ll see a shift from content to content selling. Your edutainment pieces will now contain much more sales copy although you won’t beat anyone over the head with it proverbially. We’re talking about subtle sales with links to Amazon products the individual or company sells or for which it serves as an Amazon Affiliate.

Sales and Marketing Align

The content sales move comprises just one aspect of the new sales and marketing alignment. This alignment extends to the use of marketing automation software as well. The use of marketing automation lets companies reach customers with improved targeting of messages. The main benefit 68.5 percent of them cite for using automation. Its help in improving their customers’ experience ranks as the second benefit with 45.9 percent of people choosing automation for this reason.

The Rise of Relevancy

Since consumers grew banner blind, ignoring most ads, and using ad-blocking software to provide themselves with an enjoyable Web surfing experience, advertisers have had to come up with a better way. Relevancy provides that better way. While 49 percent of consumers will ignore a brand that floods them with irrelevant messages, 36 percent will buy from a brand that provides a tailored message to them. Personalization sells. When you know your customer and provide them with exactly what they want, you sell your brand. When you do the opposite, you anger nearly half of the audience, and they refuse to buy your products.

Optimizing for Voice Search

If you didn’t already optimize for voice search, now you need to do so. The increase in the use of Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, and other voice-activated search assistants, means fewer people type searches, so fewer people use the drop-down suggestions. They’re using more natural speech to search, and your company needs to update.

In Conclusion

Preparing for 2022 requires updating your marketing plan and working with an agency that can help you with an integrated solution that works well with an integrated software platform. Get started on your company’s updated plan now, so you can maximize your company’s sales in 2022.




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