A Guide to Properly Managing Your Company’s Reputation

March 09, 2018
A Guide to Properly Managing Your Company’s Reputation

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy and other resources into developing your company and its reputation. The future of your branding and the level of success your organization achieves will depend on you maintaining your reputation in the community. With that in mind, here is an introductory guide on properly managing your company’s reputation.

Basics of Reputation Management

You can quickly get started with making some changes to improve how you manage your company’s reputation, including:

* Set Realistic Expectations: Companies that are small or have only modest resources to reply to customers as soon as questions arrive should list their policy about how long the response time should be (such as 12 hours) and then stick to it, recommended Forbes.

* Monitor Social Media: Someone should be looking after your company’s social media channels every day of the year, ready to respond to criticism and praise. It’s wise to keep track of your mentions in other social channels too, noted Rialto Mobile Marketing.

* Manage Online Reviews: Respond immediately to all negative reviews to avoid criticism from spreading wildly before you get a chance to set the record straight, advised ThriveHive. You need to respond to all reviews to create a loyal following and strong referral network.

* Get More Reviews By Asking: Don’t passively rely on people to submit reviews to online sites. While their volunteerism speaks to the power of your brand, you can be proactive by asking satisfied customers to describe their positive experiences. This is crucial for strengthening your company’s reputation.

* Deploy SEO: Use search engine optimization to help customers and other interested parties find you on social channels, which then leads to your reputation spreading farther.

The savviest business leaders recognize that it takes time to stay on top of their company’s reputation, and this may include outsourcing reputation management to professionals. For more information about our approach to reputation management or to request a free, no obligation consultation, please connect with Resolve Internet Marketing today!

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