5 Ways Internet Marketing Will Grow Your Business

July 26, 2017
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Finding ways to reach new customer and extend your product/service’s reach can be a lot more complicated than you’d think. With so many avenues of outreach and marketing, you may have no idea which way to go. Thankfully, the best place to start is social media, an inexpensive easy way to reach potential new clients.

Here are five ways social media can help you grow your business:

Pay for more reach

Advertising via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be quite the investment, but it’s often more cost-efficient and effective than Google Advertising, print ads, or offline marketing. You will have to pay to extend your reach, but it will give you access to the millions or billions of users on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and all the other social media services.

Connect SEO and social media

Yes, Google does take your social media activity into account when setting your SEO rankings. The more tweets, shares, Likes, pins, follows and +1s your content has, the more “valuable” it is perceived to be—both by users and Google’s algorithm. YouTube followers and Google+ connections are the most valuable for your SEO ranking, but all social media activity plays a role in your visibility.

Brand yourself

Instead of focusing on promoting a product, you need to build your brand: the way people perceive your company and what you have to offer. Branding is the most effective way to advertise, and it increases the chance your customers will promote you by word-of-mouth. You’ll have to evaluate your marketing strategy to determine the best way to brand yourself, but it will pay off in the long run.

Cross-promote products

Social media gives you a chance to connect not only with your customers but those of other products or services. If you find companies to work with, you can leverage your social media platforms to boost each other’s visibility. You help them promote their product to your customers, and they do the same with your product to their customers. This cross-promotion can do wonders for everyone in the long run!

Connect with customers

In the end, happy customers are your best way to stay in business. A happy client is more likely to refer a friend or family member to your product or service, or they’ll promote your company or brand for you. Social media allows you to reach out to customers directly and offer them information, education, discounts, special deals, products, and gifts. The more you connect with your customers, the better!


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